The Free Association is an ongoing experiment. We’re loosely based in Leeds, in the north of the UK, although we find ourselves at home nowhere (and everywhere). Sometimes we appear to be tight-knit, acting and thinking in close concert with each other. At other times we’re more of a loose network, expanding and contracting as the need arises. A reading group, a writing machine, an affinity group…

On this site you can find our blog which is an irregular commentary, a kind of thinking-out-loud. We’ve also accumulated a small back catalogue of published articles. Most of these are included in our anthology, Moments of Excess, while some pieces can also be downloaded here. A partial background to our history can be found here (although it’s now quite dated). Our most recent pieces are Up We Rise, published by Zuccotti Park Press, On Shock and Organisation, and Rock’n’Roll Suicide.

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